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Simple solutions for growing businesses

Start building pillars that transform the way your teams and operational systems work with our quick and customised solutions.


In today’s digital world, so many businesses are becoming similar.
The only real competitive difference for long term profit sustainability is an exceptional customer experience.

The Impact

Smart solutions, real-time results.

Let’s talk about improving your internal

communication, KYC onboarding or setting up new business across MENA and Europe. We hold real expertise in setting up firms with CySEC, SCA, FCA, CMA and more financial authorities.

Up to 77%

Of customers will recommend after
a positive experience.

Source: Temkin Group

Up to 147% EPS

Companies with engaged employees outperform competitors
Source: Gallup

We know you're busy.


That’s why our solutions are designed to effectively monitor performance metrics, gather feedback and adapt strategies to

evolving customer expectations and regulatory landscapes.

Nurture Your Operation

Are complex and generic systems slowing your business growth? Do you wish you had the time to reconnect with expanding teams? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Reduce complexity, increase opportunities

Guiding clients through the nuance of online trading platforms, new payment offerings and thorough compliance obligations can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be time consuming. The experts of LeanLeaps have developed internal processes that run smoothly and create better outputs for eCommerce, fintech and regulatory platforms.

Nourish Team Vitality

Investing in your internal team and creating strong succession pipelines
not only inspires staff and reduces lengthy onboarding – it can create
greater motivation that leads to happier customers and retention too.
Reach out to find out how our feedback process can reduce siloed
information and provide clarity for easier management.

Up to 50% Employee turnover can be

reduced by investing in employee

experience initiatives (Source: Deloitte).

Find the root cause, then fix it

Through a series of workshops and feedback collection sessions, we can pinpoint what’s slowing momentum and offer clear action plans to get you scaling faster.


We help you develop a customer experience strategy that aligns with your business goals. This helps you to create a customer-centric culture that meets and exceeds the expectations of your customers.


Let's grow your business

We believe CX and operational efficiency are the cornerstones of business growth and can trigger sustainable profit generation.

Our cost-effective and personalised strategies craft consumer experiences, helping elevate and differentiate brands - based on a deep understanding of human perception and CX expertise.

Up to


Will pay more for better customer service

Source: PWC


Increase in profits by improving customer retention by 5%

Source: PWC

Up to


Of customers blame bad CX for churn, but only 1 in 26 file complaints.

Source: Esteban Kolsky


Faster operations impress customers, boosting retention rates and accelerating sales


Our action plans can get everyone on your team invested in creating better customer results


Find out what’s happening with your clients and employees to quickly find solutions that will work

Operational Diagnostics

Get clarity on how well your products are understood, how customers feel about your brand, and what you can do to assure them.


Develop long-term success and

scalable growth that’s both strong

and sustainable


Address complex operational

challenges with innovative, creative,

and effective strategies


Understand both employee and

customer perspectives to deliver meaningful impact


Yield tangible results from innovative solutions developed from in-depth industry expertise

Make your customer’s experience your USP

You trained your Customer service team but don't see an improvement in your customer's satisfaction. Let's look beyond and see where the problem really is. 

Building a solid infrastructure and collaborative culture can reduce costs and increase revenues, loyalty, customer lifetime and your brand reputation.

Step 1

Analysing and optimising the customer journey at every touchpoint (including internal processes) to identify gaps. 

Step 2

Creating OKRs and KPIs that trickle

down to everyone linked to your company's strategy to monitor

progress and pivot when needed. 


Finding Quick Ways To Scale Faster

We’ve guided and propelled start-ups and establish corporations to new heights through strategies tailored to their unique challenges.

Let us know if you’re suffering from any of these issues and we’ll help you find a cure.


200-300% ROI increase

Companies typically see an ROI of 200-300% from operational efficiency initiatives within the first year. (Source: Deloitte)

50% Time Saved

Operational efficiency improvements can reduce process cycle times by 25-50%. (Source: Gartner)


Limited Resources?

Don’t keep wasting time on hiring and onboarding. We can share CX audits and assessments for compliance and customer trust to strengthen the resources you’ve got. 


Using insights from global fintechs, our L&D employee training and workshops can teach both industry-specific nuances, such as regulatory compliance training and client onboarding for finance firms, and universal customer service principles.


We’ll design loyalty strategies and retention programmes that resonate with broad and nice customer bases using data-driven CX insights and consumer behaviour analysis.

If you’re not seeing improvement, our outside perspective can help spot what the problem really is




  • Feedback and survey analysis

  • Workshops and training

  • Consultancy sessions

  • Leadership programs

  • Loyalty strategies

  • Operational solutions

  • Compliance training

  • Digital transformation


Busy does not equal effective

Leaning into tools like Excel and PowerPoint might look like stuff is getting done, but they don't necessarily guarantee projects are successful. Especially with teams spread out and doing different roles, it's easy for teams to feel overwhelmed, burnt out or to see projects to keep rolling without results. 


Good CX and operational efficiency strategies are about making sure everyone knows what they should be doing and how it supports the bigger picture. It’s about choosing tasks with purpose. 

Create an ideal experience for everyone who interacts with your company across channels

Enhance revenue potential by up to 3x with strategic processes that refine your business

Use human factors to differentiate your business and build deep emotional bonds with consumers

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